Building Your Author’s Digital Portfolio – First Things First

The sound of these three words, author’s digital portfolio, can seem daunting. 

One might immediately think of all the work needed to build one online. Others would say that they would rather count followers and other revenues. 

In the digital age, all entrepreneurs – authors included – need a digital portfolio to showcase their talents, products, and what have you. This comes in the form of an optimized website that will also serve as your address on the internet. 

Your site will be your number one tool for connecting with your followers and reaching out to prospective readers, which, in turn, will increase your following and book sales. 

What should I include in my digital portfolio? 

As a writer or author, your literary works should speak for you. This means that your website should showcase a collection of the books you’ve written. It should give just enough information on your books that it  will entice followers into purchasing a copy ASAP. 

To make your site more relevant, you should also include blogs that are related to your genre or the titles you’ve written. This is another way of engaging readers, making them want to come back to your site for more interesting stories or blog posts, subsequently, driving more traffic to your site. 

Because your site is your digital portfolio, it should also provide your readers updates on new projects, conferences, podcasts, and alike. This will keep your followers in the know, and, in turn, make you more reachable. 

Hiring someone to manage your portfolio

Managing your site on your own can be a lot of work. This can easily make you lose sight of your most current project. This is why hiring an expert, like TOME Publishing and Media LLC, to manage your site/portfolio for you is always a good idea! It will enable you to increase your readership and allow you to focus on finishing more important pieces you may have percolating in the background for your growing fan club.