I’m an Author But I Don’t Know What to Write in My Blog

You’re an author so you should be excellent with words.

You can’t run out of things to write. Besides, you’ve written thousands upon thousands of words in every book you’ve written.

Writing a blog post to keep your website alive shouldn’t be a problem, right? 


There’s such a thing as “writer’s block”. It’s when a writer or author runs out of things or topics to write about. It’s like your brain has taken a hiatus and refuses to work. 

Don’t worry. We’re supplying you with 15 topics you can write about for your blog. 

  1. Your hobby

Anything you like to do in your free time would be an interesting topic to write about. It’s giving your followers a sneak peek into your personal life. 

  1. A favorite restaurant

It can also be a fantastic hang out.  Describe why you like it and why other people find it so desirable. 

  1. A treasured book

Writers are usually avid readers. Recommend other authors’ books and tell people why you find another book such a fascinating literary work.  

  1. A TV series/soap opera that you’ve been binge-watching

What makes it so captivating? What really got you hooked? 

  1. A fond memory

What was your memorable moment? What childhood memory do you hold dear in your heart? 

  1. A beautiful travel destination you’ve been to

How about an unforgettable place you’ve been to during your travels? What’s so special about it?

  1. The book that inspired and motivated you to be an author

Talk about the first-ever book that made you realize just how important reading is to you and how it  inspired you to write your own essays, novels, works of mystery, biography, comedy, etc. 

  1. Challenges you’ve faced as a writer

This blog post can be about the challenges you’ve encountered since you first started writing. You can also talk about how you’ve worked to overcome these challenges and how you motivate yourself to continue forward with your work. 

  1. Tips on how to handle critiques

You can’t always please everybody so it’s important that you be prepared with whatever your critics will throw at you. Share with your audience how you were able to handle criticism. 

  1. Your inspiration 

How do you stay inspired to write? Tell your followers where you find the inspiration to write and how you find a way to create works readers love! Encourage the future authors of the world with your words and your experiences. 

Blog posts are a great way to drive more traffic to your site, which can also increase your brand awareness and your sales.