Social media is where you will find a multitude of readers. It’s a highly accessible medium that will help anyone reach a much wider audience. Authors who want to reach out to their target audience need to be on social media. It’s a highly effective medium that will help propel authors’ names and give the books the attention they need to get to become bestsellers.

A cinematic teaser or trailer ignites readers’ interest in the story you have to tell. Every time readers watch a teaser, it allows them to have a sensory experience that typical print ads and online features are not able to do so. Because book trailers are relatively new and not everyone is doing them, our cinematic teasers will definitely make a much stronger impression on your audience.

We will help your website or social media accounts get more traffic and engagement by promoting your YouTube videos across the platforms of your choice. We can get your channel to be part of the “What’s Trending” section, which translates to more organic subscribers, and of course, more likes, comments, and shares.

Online credibility is integral is in this day and age. We, at TOME Publishing, will help you reach your target audience, promote your book, and build and strengthen your brand through an extensive campaign. This includes devising and generating an online bookshop promoting all your titles. With an optimized website that will serve as your digital portfolio, you can have an effective e-commerce tool that will help increase your book sales and your chances of receiving royalty in the future.

Novel pieces that receive good reviews, especially from Hollywood Book Reviews, have the potential to be made into a movie. We thrive in providing publishing and marketing services that exceed expectations. Because of this, we will contact the right people in Hollywood on your behalf. Your book will be evaluated and given the opportunity to be considered for a film adaptation. 

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